2022 Bay Area Bible Camp

This year's Bible Camp will be held in person from June 20th to June 24th.

Please pray that the children would have an impactful and memorable Bible Camp that continues to bring them closer to the Lord and further strengthens their ties with the church.



2022 Parents Letter

Dear Parents, the start of Bible Camp is only a few days away!  Please review the letter here for more details:

Parents Letter

2022 Bible Reading Checklist

As with past Bible camps, we will have a bible reading checklist that each child can complete so they can collect points towards the prize store.

Those entering grades 1-2 will listen to parents read
Those entering grades 3-6 will read to their parents

Here is the checklist you can download and print:

Reading Checklist

2022 Bible Camp Registration

Children (entering grades 1 - 6):

Line Leaders & Helpers:

Serving Ones:

Registration fee: $75 (we request each locality collect the payments)

Deadline: April 30 (this is so we can order the t-shirts on time)

Bible Camp Conclusion / Graduation

We will have a concluding meeting to Bible Camp Friday June 24 @ 4:00pm. please save the date & time!

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